Conclusion & Summary of Guilt Sequence

(crossposted from Today marks the end of my series on replacing guilt (table of contents). I began the series by discussing the "restless guilt," that people feel when »

Give both System 1 and System 2 full decision-making power

By Kenzi Amodei, crossposted from her blog, The Unforgiving Minute. My current theory on System 1 & System 2 relations: One needs to give both S1 and S2 full decision-making »

‘But’ Considered Harmful

“Chickens are fluffy and helpless, but they descended from true dinosaurs.” Spock: “The engines are likely to fail if we stay in hyperspace, Captain. Kirk: “But we need to save »

Levels of dis-identification with your thoughts

What's the difference between these two phrases? How do you imagine you'd feel, if someone said one of them to you? Is it different? "I notice I feel angry" "I'm »

Getting over listless guilt (summary post)

TMUI founding author Nate Soares is currently working on a sequence of posts on his personal blog,, about overcoming guilt/shame-based motivation. The Mind's UI is going to »